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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

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Janeway because she is fiction, and most of my desires are directed at fiction. Kate Mulgrew because she's older than Janeway and I do appreciate older women. Really I think they are both beautiful, dynamic, nuanced people and the more you see of KM the more you realize how much of herself she put into the character.

(As an example of my preference for fiction, I am pretty much in love with NuSpock but I have no real interest in Quinto. I like characters. KM is one of the few exceptions and really the only actor I have that kind of adoration for.)

Who do YOU like? Oh and nice to see you around DA.
Yes, nicely put. I particularly like the Spock/Quinto point: Spock's just a brilliant character (in TOS/TNG and Abrams), no actor can live up to him--not even Nimoy, who packs some gravitas.

On Janeway and Mulgrew, I'm really not sure. Janeway, at her best (i.e. when she's scripted properly) is an excellent character: brave, smart, warm, but also capable of recklessness, obsessiveness, and a certain cocksure command style more reminiscent of Kirk than any of the other modern captains.

But, despite how attractive this makes her, I can't help thinking that we wouldn't get along...

Mulgrew I know very little of--I've not seen her any anything else. But, in general, I'm rarely very interested in actresses. She seems to have more depth than the average starlet--and that voice--but I think I prefer the captain. As you suggest: characters usually have the existential jump on those who portray them.

Of all the female characters in Star Trek, I'm most attracted to Major Kira and Seven of Nine (which is odd, as I rarely notice blondes). Both are strong, loyal, intelligent characters who have 'authority issues' and vulnerabilities caused by trauma.

Oh, and thanks for the welcome.
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