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Re: Going into a movie blind

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Its become a lot more common since I started workin' for a movie theater. Before this job, I would watch a trailer or read up about a movie I was payin' to see. I'd even watch trailers for stuff I had free passes for, just to decide it if was worth waitin' in line.

Now, I just walk up & pick what I haven't seen yet, and sometimes that means goin' into a movie I wouldn't watch in a million years...
I saw a lot of movies this way when I worked for a movie theatre as a teenager...
Well, ya know, not all of us worked in movie theaters when we were teenagers. Some of us put that sort of thing off 'til our thirties!

And I still go to Blockbuster, too, but usually with something in mind that I want to watch, or at least an idea of which genre I'm in the mood for.
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