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Re: 7X04 The Power Of Three (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

It was a decent episode enough, but I am dreading what will happen to Amy and Rory next week. I did appreciate a present day (At least 10 years I guess) earth story, even though I wonder, is this tandem (Amy, Rory and the Doctor) the longest tandem the show has had? 10 years traveling with the Doctor and Amy and Rory haven't aged very much. I just find it crazy it's been that long.

Anyway, I liked the idea of the cubes, but that ending could have been pretty much the entire second half. I'm not sure if wanting to do a character piece and have the cube story in there was a good mix because we learned a lot in the final 5 minutes that are probably going to go forgotten.

As for season 7, I have to agree with those that kind of miss some of the serious themes. I look at the Eccleston and Tennant era doctors and think how commanding they are in the role and I can believe that's what the Doctor is supposed to be like, especially Eccleston, in episodes like Dalek, Boomtown (Which I liked), the "Are you my Mummy" two parter, and the finale. With Smith, I think they're trying too hard to make it kind of the child like figure instead of that commanding presence, and I kind of noticed it more in this episode than the previous one where I appreciated the seriousness. This is what is holding Smith back in my view, the range of the character.

Also, I knew about the hiatus, but I still find it sucky that we get 5 weeks of a new season and then they are going off on a fall finale. This is after waiting a full year and a half just for the new season to start. I know they are pushing things for the 50th anniversary, but I still say they could have gotten a full season in, taken some time off, and then do what they did in Tennant's final year and have specials leading up to the celebration. While this is a new season, for some reason I get a feeling like this is more of the pre-season, or Season 6 epilogue just to get rid of Amy and Rory. We have all been speculating things in previous episodes coming up again (Like why the Doctor is acting the way he is, kind of like going back to what Tennant's Doctor saying he can do what he wants) but with just one more episode left until we wait for Christmas, I doubt we're going to get answers. I'm fine with individual stories, but I also wish they addressed some things in the various arcs now that there is one episode left. I feel like the last 4 episodes might go to waste.

Anyway, I did enjoy tonight's episode, but looking at the big picture, well, it kind of makes me sad and disappointed.

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