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Re: Flint in season 5

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Didn't look much like John Rhys Davies, but that's who should have been cast because of his Voyager outtings as Da Vinci.

The holographic Da Vinci doesn't necessarily look like the real one. Just as they didn't use the same the actor for the holographic Sir Isaac Newton in "Descent" and the real one on "Death Wish"

Lonemagpie wrote: View Post
James Morrison from Space Above And Beyond would be my pick for Flint if they'd had him in ENT
You mean James Morrison from "24". Actually, he was a series regular on 24 during what would've been Enterprise's fifth season and might not have had time to do it. (That and networks occasioanly veto actors from shows on their networks doing shows on competing netorks, though there many exceptions to this).

That, and, aside from the silver hair, he doesn't look much like James Daly.
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