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Re: Rename The Motion Picture

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I'm sorry, but all I can tell you is that what I interpreted your words to mean in that instance is the opposite of what you subsequently said you meant. I'm just not following what it is you're trying to say. I don't know why you're taking that so personally; it's just the kind of disagreement that happens all the time on discussion boards. But you're starting to get abusive and I think I may have to withdraw from the discussion.
As someone who lectures other people on word choice, it's ironic that you use "abusive" to characterize my replies.
abusive |əˈbyoōsiv; -ziv|
1 extremely offensive and insulting : abusive language | he became quite abusive and swore at her.
2 engaging in or characterized by habitual violence and cruelty : abusive parents | an abusive relationship.
3 involving injustice or illegality : the abusive and predatory practices of businesses.
"...choose different words that convey it better."

Pot. Meet kettle.
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