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I'm not an Egyptologist, and neither are you.
There you go assuming again. How do you know I'm not an Egyptologist?
Because if you were, you would have contributed something constructive by now on the subject other than pedantic half-objections.

You’re not following me, I'm not insisting on "scientific proof" that Khafra would actually LOOK African, I'm insisting that there is no scientific proof that he did.
We don't even have scientific proof that he was HUMAN.

dogmatic statement
You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Meh, If memory serves, there are life size painted wooden statues -representing Egyptians- dating from the old kingdom, that have glass (or crystal) corneas inserted in the eyes , which are blue in color, and also with light reddish-brown skin tone.
I take it you've never seen a black man with blue eyes before?

But since you consider it "asinine" to "explain and defend" why you present your personal opinions as self evident fact
Self evident fact is self evident fact. Nothing personal about it.

Another of your oft-quoted opinions with little evidence to support it; this sounds like you’re advocating a "conspiracy theory"? How is this any different than the beliefs of others who say there is a government conspiracy to cover up alien contact, past and present?
Because there is no evidence of the existence of aliens ever having visited Earth. There IS evidence of scientific racism having a profound influence on the way European archeologists approached (and in some cases, STILL approach) their analysis of ancient civilizations.

Or wait, don't tell me... you need scientific evidence of the existence of racism too?
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