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Did the sets and other props/FX look like a work in progress, or would they have worked well if TOS had retained them "as was"?
I thought it looked really solid. This is an excellent episode. They really put heart and soul into it, it looked to me.

As an aside, the prehistory of the Valiant, possibly going to the edge of the galaxy only on impulse engines, even if that is shaky or doesn't fit seamlessly into the ideas of sublight versus warp drive as they would be understood later as the show progressed—it doesn't matter.

The episode is, for the most part, riveting, which I intend to be a very high compliment. It's really one of the very best episodes of TOS. Easily top ten.

I didn't mind the trousers for the women , but then again I didn't mind the minidresses. Both were fine.
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