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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

I caught that as well, and thought, "Hey, Carpenter's was the more faithful of the two!"

Even with the liberties taken in the Hawks' version, there's a lot to like about that film. The use of overlapping dialog, it gave a layer of realism to an otherwise "fantastic" situation because people often don't wait for others to complete their sentences. The female roles, though there are only two in the film, neither are portrayed as "shrinking violets". Both do what needs to be done and don't simply cower and scream. And though relased in 1951, the strak lighting with the deep shadows harkens to the "film noir" period of the 1940s.

I see TCM aired the "extended" version again. You can tell which scenes are "recovered" fotage because the film quality is a tad inferior to the rest of the movie. Once that material was discovered TCM rarely airs the "common cut" any more.

Finally, one has to wonder what made Carington so fascinated with the asexual method of the Thing's reproduction? His voice kinda' trailed off as he contemplated it. I suspect the writers didn't go any deeper with it than what we saw on screen, but "in universe", one gets the impression he may have ahd problems with interpersonal relationships that made him later think, "We'd be better off without all that 'sex' business. "Simple and 'unconfused'" is the phrase he used. Interesting choice of words.


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