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I haven't poked in this thread for a while because I absolutely agree with R. Star's sentiments. I get really frustrated when people who are able to get enough legal nods to make something really awesome in the Trek world and everyone pounces on it screaming "THIS ISN'T OFFICIAL, ITS NOT WORTH MY TIME".

You *HAVE* to give to get and underground attempts like this are making big splashes, but not enough of a splash to get a real series on the air.

This new project (that's a pilot btw) looks like a really good culmination of everything they've been playing with over the years. The work James Cawley has done has really pathed the way for a lot of things, such as the new Star Trek movies. Sadly he's been more of a footnote in history then anything =(.
Because this is not how you get TV shows made. And who involved with this is "able to get enough legal nods to make something"? Tim Russ? He may be able to get himself an audition for a roll in a future show, and might even be able to direct an episode, but as a producer he would be laughed out the door by CBS. And Russ probably has the most impressive resume of the people involved.

You want to know who can get the legal nods to make a new TV show? Abrams, Orci, and co... Or Singer. Fuller may not even be able to get a show off the ground, but at least he wouldn't be laughed out the door. And if/when any of these guys tries to get approval it won't be with a filmed pilot in hand. It will be with a pitch, to be followed by a pilot script, and only then an actual pilot. If you think CBS is going to respond to these guys with anything besides a Cease and Desist, then you don't understand how business works.
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