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Re: Avengers 2 News, Rumors, Etc. Pictures until release...

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In regards to the movie overload thing, it's no different really than how it's been for years.

2003- Daredevil, X-Men 2, Hulk
2004- Punisher, Spider-Man 2
2005- Elektra, Fantastic Four
2006- X-Men 3
2007- Ghost Rider, Spider-Man 3, Fantastic Four 2

It just happens now that, they're set in the same universe. Which is frankly what I always wanted from those films (and why I wish most of the above would revert back to Marvel too)
Honestly, at this point I kind wish Marvel would just get back all of their stuff. That way we could at least get references to stuff from X-Men and Spider-Man even if they don't use their characters in the movies.
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