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Today marks the 46th anniversary of "Where No Man Has Gone Before" on NBC.

The tone of the story, from the conflicts between the characters to the sense of being "out there" on the frontier, was really powerful and much stronger than many subsequent stories.

Part of me prefers the "Cage" / "Where No Man..." style of TOS, even if it was still evolving at that point. The turtleneck uniforms were all unisex, which was a nicer, and much less "sex it up" touch. Sally Kellerman looked great in the turtleneck-and-trousers anyway. Kellerman's character was one of the most interesting female guest characters in TOS. Note she did not fall for Kirk and Mitchell; her character was all about articulating the tone and key moments in the plot's evolution, not just being a love-interest-of-the-week.

Does anybody here think it would've hurt to see the characters continue to wear the "Cage" style uniforms all through TOS? The Moonbase Alpha characters wore vaguely similar style unisex outfits all through the first year of SPACE: 1999, and at least Barbara Bain (and occasionally Catherine Schell) wore similar uniforms in the second year as well.

Most of the Enterprise's interior sets were shown in "Where No Man", in "Cage" form, of course. No hangar deck, engine room, jefferies tube, or captain's cabin. Sickbay looks about 99% the same as the rest of TOS. Interesting this is the only time we see a ship-board water spigot in the entire series, IIRC.

Did the sets and other props/FX look like a work in progress, or would they have worked well if TOS had retained them "as was"?
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