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Re: Could the "new" villain be....????

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^^Simple question then.

Do you think they would ever use the character of Garth in a movie?

As I said, I like the concept of the character, but I think being from a lousy episode (IMO) greatly diminishes the chance he would be used.

I guess if you don't consider the episode lousy that would affect your answer.

I guess a better question is, "Do you think they would ever use a villain from a generally accepted 'bad' episode?"

Dr Severin, Lazurus, Space Parasites, Parmin?
Even allowing that such a thing as "a generally accepted bad episode" can be said to exist, I think it no less likely than that they would use a villain from (again, allowing) "a generally accepted good episode". (Or, in a nutshell: if Garth is the right character for the story, then Garth; if not, then not Garth. Seemples.)

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Vina/Cage are so iconic that nobody thinks of Marta when they think of Orion woman.

When you say "nobody," do you really mean "nobody," or something more along the lines of "nobody who agrees with me (because obviously mine is the correct opinion)"?


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... If they do it right, the filmmakers will have chosen their characters because those are the characters needed to tell the story they have in mind, and I can't see much sense in making such choices based upon any other requirement.
Its interesting which comes first: the character or the story?
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