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Re: Where should Stargate go now?

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If Daniel Boone or George Washington popped out of a gate tomorrow I doubt they would take on any kind of active role in our life. They would be of huge historical interest but that would be about it.. and I think the SGC team would be in the same boat. Just because everybody respected Scotty didn't mean he was put in charge of anything.
Hey, you got three or four episodes right there.

They think they're so much smarter that they won't listen to the SGC personnel, and so they stick them on a morning talk show to discuss their uniforms and what it was like to use toilet paper instead of the stones. Friction, arrogance, historical blindness, and a clash of personalities and perspectives, with some people of course siding with the SGC team, perhaps exploiting them for political opportunity to get some cheap jabs at an opponent, and others trying to get some celebrity to rub off on them.

I would LOVE to see Stargate set in future earth. It certainly takes more planning and plot than random medieval villages which are all the same story.
Me too. There's not a whole lot you can do with just a village elder.
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