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Re: RDM to Make "A Knight''s Tale" into a television show!!

I'm inclined to think this is probably a bad idea, though I could be wrong. The movie's decent, I like the basic concept and the cast, but I think its execution suffered from some problems. It seems to waver between the core parts of the story (Heath's desire to be recognized as a true knight and joust champion and his romance with Shannyn) and the parts that were sillier, like the inclusion of modern music in a medieval setting. That's one area where I think the film honestly failed for the most part, with a few exceptions. I think they also had to strain credibility in other areas to suit the script; William's ability to prove himself by deliberately failing at the joust is certainly romantic, but I also have a hard time believing he'd really do it because it's ridiculously dangerous and it wouldn't help his credibility to anyone else, even if he only loses for a short time. Perhaps I'm just nitpicking too much though.

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