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Re: Yesterday's Enterprise timeline

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So an alternate timeline that gets canceled out should have canceled out the alternate Yar too thus no Sela.
No, because the Enterprise-C eventually re-emerged back into the past. Once that was done, history was put back on its proper course.

Remember, the fact that the 'war future' will not happen in the normal timeline doesn't change the fact that it DID happen in its own.
Then the way you suggest it, again that points to a 3rd timeline.

Original timeline everything is rosy, Enterprise C saved Klingons and they and Federation become BFFs.

Altered timeline, torpedoes(?) cause temporal hole and Enterprise-C. No BFFs and they fight.

Enterprise C goes back through the rift, which would then be a past of the altered timeline, but with Yar and alternate crew... so we get Sela.
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