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Re: Should Geordi have moved on?

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I'd rather that Star Trek mirrored real-world military sometimes. In the sense that in real-world military, rank is greatly determined by years of service.
On the other hand, the problem with real-world precedents in Trek is that you're only talking about one world. Lots of people complain that Starfleet is too Earth-dominated and doesn't show enough signs of the influence of the alien cultures that co-founded the Federation. So maybe Starfleet practice shouldn't be too exact a parallel to the real-world, i.e. Earth, military. Maybe the reason it isn't is because there are Vulcan and Andorian and Tellarite influences in the way it deals with rank, position, and promotion.
But don't so trek book series use the you don't have to have captain's rank to captain a ship?
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