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Re: VOTE! Avatar Contest: E2/Technology/Funny Signs

The polls are closed, and here are your winners!

Loved the E2 entries. Thanks for the memories, y'all.

Skywalker takes the Golden Porthos in the Episode contest with his lovely study of our two Tucker men, while your humble contest runner comes in second with time-warped Captain Archer.

In the theme contest, R. Star wins with a shot of the Xindi Superweapon approaching Earth. Skywalker's transporter and T'Pol's PADD, care of yours truly, tied for puppy kisses.

I really enjoyed the Random Theme contest this week. Lots of hilarious signs, thanks for the laughs! Orac ties with your humble contest runner for the win, with JiNX-01 as runner up. Thank you kindly for the votes!

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all the entrants and voters for taking part.

Orac, would you care to pick the random theme, or shall I?

For those of you playing at home, here are the episodes we've done so far:

Dead Stop
A Night in Sickbay
Observer Effect
These are the Voyages

Your turn to pick the episode, Skywalker. Take it away!
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