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Re: 11:59 What is the sleeping bag?

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I remember them being green on occasion, but not always. Almost like the recycler sometimes tossed in some coloured glass. Except they didn't recycle in those days. Go figure.
Oh, my.

The green bottles are not throwaways. They are returnable. You'd buy them at the store and pay a deposit on them, essentially insuring that they'd be returned to the store and your deposit would be refunded. These bottles were returned to the bottler, cleaned out thoroughly, refilled and put back on the market. No waste.

As a kid, we'd scour the neighborhood for the occasional discarded, returnable Coke and Pepsi bottles. When we got a few, we'd return them to the market for 2 cents each. If you managed to collect a full case of 24 (with the wooden case), you could get $1.50. A good income-producer for kids.

It wasn't until the '60s when disposable bottles and cans became the norm, thus making voluntary recycling necessary.

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