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Re: Best engineering chief?

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At the other extreme of the spectrum, Geordi's technobabble seemed the most internally consistent: what's impossible in one episode isn't easily achieved 3 seasons later.
Time for the campaign slogan:

A vote for LaForge is a vote for consistent laws of physics!
I'll agree with this one, if just on the technobabble point. LaForge and by proxy the TNG writers used it how it was meant to be. Sparingly and never to the point where you're confusing the audience.

Voyager not only threw out entire paragraphs of Technobabble at a time, they made it major plot points.
Indeed. Technobabble is meant to serve the story, but in Voyager (and especially early Voyager), it often seemed to work the other way around.

But I have to stand up for LaForge as a character, as well.
I liked Geordi! I'm not sure why that is, but he seems to have that aura of friendliness to him.
I'm sure LeVar Burton is for no strange part in that, for instance there's one line in Descent (don't remember which part) where he tells Data he'll regret mutilating him... you can tell he really cares about how Data will feel.
Had it been any other character/actor on the table, it probably would've felt like a more self-serving plea to be released.

He's the guy you'd like to have a beer with, is what I'm trying to say.
Then again, that's pretty true of Scotty and O'Brien as well. I got nothing.
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