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Re: 7X04 The Power Of Three (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

Slightly better than last week's average ep, so I (admittedly, generously) gave it a Good vote.

In all, a strange mix of stuff I really, really liked (UNIT back, Lethbridge-Stewart's cool daughter, the cubes themselves as a concept, the "sides" pun, the Doctor being unable to sit still and his later explanation as to why, the idea of the Shakri being a Gallifreyan bogeyman type fairy tale told to Time Lord kiddies, the Savoy hotel skit complete with the Doctor holding a Savoy cabbage at the end) and stuff I thought was truly dreadful that others have already mentioned (unexplained aspects of the plot/rushed ending, Amy's cringeworthy power of three line, the weak attempts at comedy revolving around Amy/Rory/Rory's Dad, shoehorned lame BBC cameos, people being dead for what seemed about 10-20 minutes then getting up and walking around looking just mildly perplexed).

Next week's ep actually looks genuinely good though. The Angels are the best villains of the new series.
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