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Re: Impulse Deflection Crystal...?

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What I never understood is how "reverse impulse" and "reverse warp" worked. Based on the location of the impulse emitters, the thrust vector seems like it should be relatively uni-directional. Reverse thrusters is one thing, like in Star Trek VI when Enterprise "backs off" away from the cloaked Klingon BoP, but IIRC they were going balls-out in reverse, under warp power, to get away from the Romulan BoP's plasma bolt in "Balance of Power". Has this ever been adequately explained?
I had always thought that the T-shaped hatch at the engineering hull buttom of he TOS Enterprise was some kind of hatch for an extendable impulse engine assembly that could provide reverse impulse (the torpedo launcher of the movie Enterprise would seem to be a better place) - or the Bussard ramscoops working in reverse mode (exhausting particles instead of sucking these in).

Considering they already considered for TOS that the main and the engineering hull ("star drive section") could occasionally operate separately, I wonder if warp propulsion was all the star drive section would have to rely on.

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