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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

^ Good article.

It's a very debatable subject really, when it comes to whether CM Punk can be called one of the "greatest WWE Champions" or not. I personally take the adage of "it's still early days". Sure, Punk's had a long and eventful reign, but he's only just risen to the top of the company in the past year. He may have flirted with the main event previously, but his status as a "top guy" has never been quote so concrete before.

I compare CM Punk's current level of greatness, to that of Triple H in early 2001. Triple H, at this point was firmly cemented as a top guy, had been WWE Champion on a couple of occasions, and had some choice main event feuds with other top names. It wasn't until 2009, following 13 world title reigns, that Triple H could easily be recognised as one of the all time greats. The 13 world titles played a part, but it was mainly his involvement in great matches, feuds and storylines from the time in which he ascended to the main event, to his last WWE Championship reign in 2009.
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