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Re: 7X04 The Power Of Three (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

I voted Good. It was amazing how much that felt like an RTD era adventure. Matt once again came off as quite Doctorish.

Now that shes had ten years to mellow, I actually found myself liking Amy. She and Rory seem like a real couple.

I quite enjoyed the cubes, Almost as much fun as the Adipose. My only complaint was the alien menace at the end seemed rather rushed, and thrown in at the last minute. Understandable I guess, as examining the relationship between the Doctor and his companions was the real meat of the story. The rooftop scenes with Amy and the Doctor was really lovely. Probably the best use of Amy so far.

They never did explain why the Shakri was capturing humans though. Everyone seemed to forget that a dozen or so people were still on the ship when it blew up.
And my, those few million people sure seemed to bounce back from being dead for several minutes didn't they?

*Whoo! Zygon reference!

* Heres hoping UNIT goes back to being good guys, now that they're in such capable hands. I'd love to see another story with Kate.

* And such a shame we'll likely never see Rory's dad again after next week.
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