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New NBC Comedies

I hadn't seen another thread on this topic, so I apologize if there is one already floating around out there...

Has anyone else been watching the new NBC comedies? I'm talking about The New Normal, Go On, and Animal Practice.

I have watched all of The New Normal so far, and I think I like it. Comedies can sometimes have a really great start and then quickly devolve into idiocy or gimmicks, so you really need several episodes before you can fully judge them, but so far the show has made me laugh. The outrageous bigotry of the grandmother is something that many people might not "get," but it made more sense to me after I heard an interview in which the actress called the character a modern day Archie Bunker. I don't really like the little girl character though, she's not very funny.

Go On, starring Matthew Perry, is another one that I think I might like, though not quite as much as The New Normal. There are moments that make me laugh and moments that are a little too typical sitcom for me, but overall it's an alright show. I could see the premise becoming very worn out quickly, but we'll see.

Strangely, Animal Practice was the show that I felt had the funniest previews, yet the premiere itself wasn't funny at all. I gave up a little less than halfway through. It was just too weird in a bad way.

So, what are your thoughts on the new shows? So far it seems like NBC has brought a strong fall lineup, certainly much better than in recent years past. I guess we'll see how long it can last...
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