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Re: Could the "new" villain be....????

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Space Seed not 'highly regarded'---??? Wow I disagree.

In any case it's a good episode. Excellent in many people's opinion.

Whom Gods Destroy is wince-inducing.
Eh, I enjoy it. You've got dancing and borderline-homicidal insanity from green Yvonne Craig; you've got outstanding scenery-chewing and megalomania from Steve Ihnat - what's not to like?

Sure, some episodes are guilty pleasures...
Only I don't believe in the notion of "guilty pleasure"; if I like something, I like it, and that's that. Guilt becomes a factor only if you harbor the belief that someone else's approval is required, somehow, before it's really OK to like something.

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...but they flat out are not gonna take a major character from a terrible episode and make him a part of the movie.
That's an assumption, as much as is the one which says that the Khan character would be selected as villain due to the overwhelmingly superior quality of the episode "Space Seed".

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Obviously they don't make a sequel to an episode because the episode is good. Duh. Obviously, they're looking for an episode that offers potential for a good reprise/expansion.

My point is simply that they will not take a character from a terrible episode and make him into the main villain in a $200 movie. That's a stupid risk.
Still just assumptions, though. If they do it right, the filmmakers will have chosen their characters because those are the characters needed to tell the story they have in mind, and I can't see much sense in making such choices based upon any other requirement.
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