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Re: Why No "Captains' Table" Story For Spock?

Mr. Laser Beam wrote: View Post
I'd much rather see a CT story involving Shran.
I'd like that too!
And also I'd like to see if this place can cross the boundaries of universes or timelines. Could there be a Mirror Universe story set there? (Can characters from both universes interact there - i.e. is there only one Captain's Table throughout all of the multiverse?) Or how about Abramsverse? Could we see nuKirk, nuSpock, nuPike, etc. in the CT?
The Captain's Table may be able to cross timelines and realities, but one thing it most definitely can't cross is Pocket's mysterious ban on nuTrek. It 1000x stronger than the force which stopped Q-Junior from entering the pre-"Endgame" timeline.
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