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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

Wow, Them! was a cool movie. I'm lucky I got back from the grocery store juuuust in time to catch the beginning (and had a DVR so I could pause the live cable feed while I put the frozen stuff away). It's a pretty effective movie right from the start, with that reallllly creepy scene of the silent, staring little girl with the broken doll. The script is good, there's some nice suspense, Dr. Medford is a fun character, the obligatory lady scientist is kinda hot, and we even get a bonus science lecture on ants in the middle! (Filmgoers had so much more patience for these huge infodumps back then.) Plus we got cameos by William Schallert as the coroner (wouldn't be a '50s American sci-fi B-movie without him) and Leonard Nimoy as the guy who got the teletype message about the "ant-shaped flying saucers." And, as mentioned above, the multiple Wilhelm screams. Even James Whitmore got one!

Interestingly, this movie came out only four and a half months before Godzilla (or Gojira, if you prefer). I guess Dr. Medford was right that the ants were just a harbinger of what lay ahead in the atomic age...
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