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Re: Survivor 25: Phillipines Discussion Thread

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I'm not surprised. How many players from your local baseball team from a few years ago could your name or pick out of a lineup let alone someone from another baseball team? Scores of baseball players, dozens of teams, things changing every year. No surprise no one recognized him. It's more of a surprise no one recognized Facts of Life girl.
I could probably name the Giants 2002 Roster, at least half of them, which included Jeff Kent and Berry Bonds. I just find it hard to believe that only one person recognized him, given he was a star baseball player in his career.
I don't know, I mean I can't think of that many people I know who are huge baseball fans or know the names of any players. I would say I am a very casual baseball fan, watching games on TV every now and then and going to a game about once every two years (usually the A's), but I could count the number of players names I know on one hand, including any past and present players. They don't include Jeff Kent, I have no idea who he played for.

I do know Blair though! I watch the Facts of Life on DVD every now and then. It doesn't look like Lisa will be sticking around for long though.
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