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Re: Envisioning the world of 2100

Atlast was going to be a single mirror. Webb shows that multiple mirror designs can be as complicated as a transformer toy

In terms of Greason

At least Greason has a bit of a sense of humor:

" I stammer for a word more diplomatic than 'failure' to describe Roton, which he worked on over a decade ago. 'Just go ahead and say it,' Greason laughs."

Oh well, all's well that ends well.

The Senate bill, he wrote, provides “nearly everything I could want to see for NASA at this point, given political reality,” despite its prescriptive nature, which calls for developing a heavy lift launch vehicle based on technologies derived from the space shuttle program and Constellation’s Ares rockets that Obama seeks to abandon.
Saying the Senate language puts NASA “in a box with respect to heavy lift,” he said the upshot is that NASA likely would develop a launch architecture for deep space missions similar to the space shuttle-derived DIRECT proposal briefed to the Augustine Committee last summer by a group of renegade engineers.
“My own opinion – I don’t expect all of you to share it – is that this is the right answer, and in fact this was my view a year ago,” Chyba wrote, adding “whatever misgivings one may have about the Senate bill

Good scope for heavy lift

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