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Speaking of Troi and the Titan, I wonder what ship he would get. I doubt it would be the Titan with that clearly being Rikers ship and I don't entirely buy him as CO of the Enterprise...I barely even buy him as XO of the Enterprise.
Seriously? Riker was promoted to XO of the Enterprise at the age of 29, after only 7 years out of the academy (he was even offered Captaincy of a small ship, but turned it down because it was lame). Sure, Riker is an exceptional officer, but at this point in continuity Worf has been an officer for 28 years, and has numerous varied experiences including serving as the commander of the Defiant. There is nothing that would preclude him from being XO of the Enterprise (or even Captain of his own vessel) at this point, beyond the obvious reprimand on his record.

This has been one of my grudges with the way officers are portrayed on Trek: these young-guns get promoted all the way to Captain inside of 5-10 years out of the Academy (or in the case of nuKirk, promoted to Captain in -1 years), and then spend several decades as Captain. And yet, Riker had remained as XO of the Enterprise for 15 years, despite being offered Captaincy 3 times...
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