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Re: There's no one like Kubrick

''Had Spielberg had today's technology back then, Jaws wouldn't have been as good.''

I agree 1000 percent there. Plus, the test audiences would no doubt have mucked it up by adding one teenager and a woman on the boat, and they'd be played by----no, scratch that. I don't want to give them ideas for the 2037 remake.

JAWS is considered the first true blockbuster since it was the first to make 100 million in its first run, but STAR WARS and RAIDERS had a greater effect. Both started with a bang, then had roughly 30 minutes of peace and quiet. After that, they deliver a climax just about every ten minutes. Those films both did them well, but it influenced other films to do it badly.

Pauline Kael called STAR WARS ''a box of Cracker Jacks that's all prizes.'' For summer films at least, it's definitely the norm now. Unfortunately, Kael had different beefs with Kubrick.
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