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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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My review of the novel is now up over at Unreality SF:

I think what actually did so was that at the end, it felt to me as if the series had returned too closely to the TV series’ status quo, and as a result I feel that the state of affairs is a lot less interesting after the events of The Eternal Tide than it was after Children of the Storm, and a lot of the good work done in the last few novels has been undone in the process. I’m aware that many of the characters Beyer developed over the last few novels ares still there even while several of the ships aren’t, but I doubt that Starfleet has the resources to replenish the fleet with new ships, so I fear that even if the characters return the fleet will have less diverse settings as a result.
I also review novels that haven't even been written yet.

And I really wish people would stop boo-hooing about character relationships in Trek novels. J/C is a popular 'ship and the novels have been setting it up since Homecoming. They have "chemistry" in the novels because the novels say they do. Feel free to focus your efforts on "hard" sci-fi from now on, and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

People have a right to their own opinions. Just because you don't agree with these specific opinions, does not mean you can be so rude. Especially your last comment makes you sound as if you just dismiss anyone who thinks differently then you.
And where did I say he/she/whatever doesn't have a "right" to their own opinions?

Please, do quote me where I said any such thing.

Look, this is how internet message boards work: if you want to post your opinions in a public space, people are going to respond to them. Some responses might be positive, some might be negative. But, if you can't handle that, keep your "opinions" confined to a private journal at home, and don't expose them to scrutiny.

And no, you really can't discern anything about how I act from a silly message board post. I am under no obligation to treat every poster with kid gloves, and pad all of my responses with compliments. If you don't like the way I phrase something, as long as I'm not in violation of any rules, feel free to exercise your "right" not to talk to me.

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