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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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I'm gonna wait for the torrent.
But honestly, that's a fairly assholish comment to make here. Especially given the presence here of people who have actually labored on the compilation, and who have been pretty forthcoming about answering questions etc.
Quoted for truth.

This is one I'll be paying for, because I want the CDs and the booklet, and because I want to contribute in a modest way to rewarding the people who made this happen. I've wanted this music for around 40 years, give or take, and I feel some amazement at living in a world where it will actually be available.
You are not kidding. Ever since discovering TOS in 1971, I wondered when something like this would be possible. Now that we're on the eve of a dream come true, who could be so dismissive of the ownership and hard work just to get something for "free?"

I guess such a person will scream that life is unfair if they are busted by the law.
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