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Re: Cabin in the Woods - Grading, Discussion, Spoilers

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And what kind of ending you expect to see? Everyone suddenly deciding to overthrow Snow and doing it over the space of 5 minutes without any blood being shed?
No, but some hints that Katniss had sparked a rebellion would have been nice.
Yeah, there were people rebelling earlier, but that got put down fast and was a non-issue by the end of the movie.
Look at The Fellowship of the Ring. Frodo was still on his mission and Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas had just given themselves a new mission. You just knew that this was far from over.
THG: Katniss wins and goes home. Plot of the movie done. Nothing has changed.The end.
Any rebellion that was to start that quickly and in such an unplanned way would've never had the slightest chance of success and was going to be put down very quickly. What would have you preferred to have seen as the ending? Katniss wins, then the President gets the report of another spontaneous rebellion and looks worried, as if his forces can't put down that rebellion very easily as well, and they leave it there with rising inspirational music? Or worse, reports that there are spontaneous rebellions all over Panem and that Snow is genuinely concerned? I would have cringed at such a naive ending, which would've made it look, if you see the movie on its own, as if everything is simple, and the people in the Districts didn't rebel before just because they were cowards and morons, rather than because the government has the power and the weapons to crush them like bugs and obliterate their homes. The only rebellion that would have a chance would have to be huge and carefully organized and planned and certainly couldn't happen right away.

The rebellion in District 11, which isn't in the book, was obviously added exactly to show what even a small act of defiance that everyone could see could inspire people to rebel, and what an important figure Katniss might become, and that was very heavily hinted with Haymitch's warnings/instructions to Katniss, Snow's icy interaction with Katniss and the attention he's paying to her Mockingjay pin, and sinister and angry expression at the end.
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