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Re: Could the "new" villain be....????

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Space Seed not 'highly regarded'---??? Wow I disagree.

In any case it's a good episode. Excellent in many people's opinion.

Whom Gods Destroy is wince-inducing.
Eh, I enjoy it. You've got dancing and borderline-homicidal insanity from green Yvonne Craig; you've got outstanding scenery-chewing and megalomania from Steve Ihnat - what's not to like?

Sure, some episodes are guilty pleasures, but they flat out are not gonna take a major character from a terrible episode and make him a part of the movie.

Obviously they don't make a sequel to an episode because the episode is good. Duh. Obviously, they're looking for an episode that offers potential for a good reprise/expansion.

My point is simply that they will not take a character from a terrible episode and make him into the main villain in a $200 movie. That's a stupid risk.
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