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Re: How Excited are You about Star Trek Into Darkness?

I'm more annoyed by the secrecy that TPTB have shrouded this film in. I'm looking forward to it and I hope it's good, of course, but I'm starting to get worried since no teaser or trailer is out yet when it's less than 8 months away from release. Are they concerned about what they've filmed and hurrying to salvage it? Is there something else that's a problem? Cumberbatch should be excellent if his character is written and directed well. I liked the 2009 film alot but it was hardly without some annoying flaws that chould've/should've been caught by the experienced and successful team of the writers and the director. I'm hoping that with all the time that they have taken to get this one together, they've spent it wisely to avoid such issues this time. I would be much more into it if they shared the basics that the vast majority of studios provide by this point: a trailer that depicts the stars and their roles as well as the basic plot. While it's a safe bet that something will come soon, I'm starting to get that bad vibe that I usually get when a film doesn't provide a review for critics usually out of fear that it will be universally panned. Don't freak: I know we're not at the point but it's just the feeling I'm getting and I'm hoping I'm wrong.
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