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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Nightwing #0: It wasn't already on my pull list but out of curiosity I picked it up anwyay and found myself enjoying the story, but not the changes to Dick. Like with Tim, it seems to me that DC for some reason is switching around character attributes to each Robin. Dick has been given Tim's natural detective and observational skills, while Tim is given Dick's athletic prowess combined with his own detective skills. Even if this was to elevate them above each other or differentiate them from each other, I don't see the point of these changes. The art was fantastic in this. I might pick this book back up as I am a fan of Kyle Higgins.

Supergirl #0: I really enjoyed this book. I think so far it was the strongest issue that I have read from the series. Maybe because it took place solely on Krypton, and I'm a sucker for Krypton stories. I liked the examination into Kara's family life and the relationship between Zor and Jor-El. We get a big question it would appear that Superboy was sent back into the past at some point, I suppose this will be touched on in the H'ell story line upcoming. I want to return to this book, but am extremely hesitant to do so.

Wonder Woman #0: So far this is among my favourite of the zero issues so far. This was just terrific and felt like a Golden Age story (helped that it also referenced one as well at the start). The relationship and dynamic with Ares was fantastic. I expect this will be followed up in the next arc by Azzy.
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