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Re: 'The Office' to end after this season

I watched the show but I don't really care if I miss it anymore. One reason they will never rival the original, which knew when to quit.

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That said, I liked the fact they broke the fourth wall about the camera crew again.
I thought that was particularly lame. They have been acknowledging the documentary camera only when it suits them for years, but without really committing to the concept. So for instance the documentary camera follows someone "on the fly," then immediately there is a cut to reverse-angle shot that could only have come from a different camera crew that would have been seen in the first camera's shot. And now in this episode Jim and Pam talk to the documentary crew after removing their body mics with no change in audio. I guess we could assume there is a boom mic operator for the interview segments, but IIRC people have got up from the interview and left the room while still being audible. Commitment to the documentary concept is another area the original was much stronger.

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