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Re: Why No "Captains' Table" Story For Spock?

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IIRC, the reason for it was that there was already a Captain Spock tale in the Enterprise Logs anthology.
I believe that's right. The original six novels (later collected in a single fat omnibus volume) covered the five then-extant series -- TOS, TNG, DS9, VGR, and New Frontier -- plus Pike to round it out, so no Captain Spock since he was part of TOS. And Enterprise Logs gave us stories about additional captains including April, Decker, Spock, Harriman, and Garrett (as well as Pike, Kirk, and Picard, and two captains of real Enterprises from history). So the goal of the Tales from the Captain's Table anthology was to focus on the captains who hadn't been featured in those previous works. Picard was the only exception, but it was Stargazer-era Picard (or just after), so it was still something new.

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And also I'd like to see if this place can cross the boundaries of universes or timelines.
Well, Jerry Oltion's Where Sea Meets Sky posited that it could even cross over with fictional realms, because Captain Nemo was one of the patrons there (though it was an odd hybrid of Verne's and Disney's versions of Nemo).
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