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Re: Best and worst comic book movies

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(Anybody else remember the issue where Supergirl used the Super-Computer at the Fortress of Solitude to find herself the perfect boyfriend--who turned out to be a girl in disguise? That's what the original SUPERGIRL comics were like!)
Were they trying to say that she was a closeted lesbian?
I doubt it. It was a simpler time. But some of those old Silver Age comics are surprisingly kinky if you look past the Comic Code-approved goofiness.

Like the time Lois was turned into a horse and fell in love with Comet the Super-Horse. Or the time Superboy fell for this glamorous Egyptian foreign exchange student, who turned out to be the resurrected mummy of Cleopatra!

(I swear to God, I'm not making any of this up!)

Getting serious, the problem with SUPERGIRL was that the screenwriter (or the producers) seemed to be taking their cues from early 1960's issues that already seemed goofy and juvenile by the time the movie was filmed in 1984. One almost wonders if somebody made the mistake of giving the screenwriter too many of the original Silver Age comics for reference, instead of, say, a bunch of SUPERMAN comics from the eighties . . . .

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