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Re: There's no one like Kubrick

There is indeed the thing that CGI enabled filmmakers to do everything they want, and, most of the time, that turns out to be bad. Sometimes, not always, heavy restrictions make a film great.

I got the Complete Making of Indiana Jones, and the first draft for The Last Crusade was horrible. It was called The Monkey King, and had Indy riding on a rhino, a three story tall German tank, an army of speaking gorillas, and more totally ludicrous stuff. But they couldn't do it technically, and that's how we got a much much better film with a much much better script.

And then they could do stuff, and we ended up with the Star Wars prequels and the Transformers films.

Had Spielberg had today's technology back then, Jaws wouldn't have been as good. Or Jurassic Park. The best moments of these films are the result of working around the limitations they had. Don't show everything because you can't show everything. And if there's a moment where they truly show everything, it is a very special thing and the entire narrative leads up to that moment. Today, they can show what they want, and nothing has to lead up to anything anymore.

That's why, for example, the dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park sequels become less and less impressive and less and less scary.
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