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Re: 'The Office' to end after this season

I thought the season opener was pretty good thought it still suffers from a few of the problems caused by Carrell's departure and the fact its been on as long as it has.

The new/old Andy was a welcome return to the character back when he and Jim were CT. Very preferable to the Michael lite that was foisted on us the past few years.

Dwight's humiliation during the ropes course was akin the black comedy of the early seasons.

Kevin was hilarious but not as much so as Creed.

Oscar cuckolding Angela seemed out of character. Not to say Angela doesn't deserve it. However, Oscar always seemed to be a better person than that.

The new Jim and Pam plot had its moments but it rested on a premise that doesn't seem to make sense: Jim feeling trapped because he couldn't take that job in Philadelphia. Other than some references to Pam liking her "boring" life, they didn't adequately establish why Jim didn't agree to join the new company the first time it was offered. He and Pam are in their early thirties. Neither has what could be described as a "career." They're both sales people at a failing paper company in a dying town. Their kids haven't yet started school. That's exactly the time when people are typically able to move and advance themselves.

That said, I liked the fact they broke the fourth wall about the camera crew again.
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