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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

I've been a crabby viewer lately so I figured I'd take on a story that is NOT generally loved so my current bias wouldn't be wasted on a good episode I might enjoy more at some other time.

What did I choose: Horns of Nimon! I could see where when Who might've been fighting for respectability that the Nimon costume and over-the-top acting by head sycophant Soldeed might have caused some facepalms in the day. However, now that time has passed and that's part of the charm of old Who it adds a welcome funny edge. Very Ming the Merciless, that Soldeed. I like the Nimon's voice even if he seems a bit too gangly and upright to be as physically imposing as he perhaps should be.

The Doctor is pretty amusing in this one with lots of teeth and curls charm being effortlessly displayed and Lalla Ward puts in a pretty earnest performance taking up the slack on the serious action hero side. Her outfit seems very Doctorish to boot.
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