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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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Except Siegel and Shuster themselves both denied that. God forbid a story about an orphan just be about an orphan. A concept which, in case it's not abundantly clear, existed well before Moses ever did.

And considering the only similarity between Superman and Moses is that they're both orphans, I don't know how people even come to that conclusion to begin with.
Well, there's a bit more to it than that. Moses wasn't just an orphan, but an orphan who was placed in a small craft and sent away by his parents to protect him from death. So there is a real parallel there, one that I for one recognized long before I realized Superman's creators were Jewish.

But as you say, the trope of infants being sent away by their parents to save their lives is a recurring mythological archetype, found with figures like Oedipus, Romulus & Remus, Kama, etc. (and more recently Luke and Leia, Quinn Mallory of Sliders, Leela of Futurama, Po of Kung Fu Panda, and the lead character of the current Once Upon a Time). The Biblical account of Moses's infancy is one of the oldest recorded iterations of that archetype, but it's probably not the first.
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