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Re: Marvel to make a Doctor Strange movie?

Doctor strange is part of the best cross over ever.

In the 60s the fantastic four went back to ancient Egypt to fight a time traveller.

In the early 80s Doctor Strange had parallel adventure through that same FF story to lay some shit to rest about his girlfriend.

In the late 80s the West Coast Avengers had a comedy of errors where they narrowly avoided bumping into Doctor Strange and the Fantastic Four in Ancient Egypt.

In the early 90ss, it turned out that the time traveller who the fantastic four had fought in the 60s was there in Ancient Egypt primarily to observe the origin of the X-men villain Apocalypse and recruit him... Things didn't go well.

That was nearly 20 years ago?

Has there been any further additions to the story I missed, or has Marvel editorial timelocked this story?
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