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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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Sorry to hear that you "hate" them, though.
As I said, 'hate' is too strong a word. Dislike would probably be better. Has she been hooked up with Sulu (who declared her his "fair maiden" in 'The Naked Time', as well as his MU counterpart making numerous sexual advances towards her) or Scotty (the two looked to be getting close in TFF) I'd have been happier.

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I wonder why it would be okay for her to be a xenoliguist in the new movie, although that wasn't confirmed in the Prime timeline, but it's not okay for her to have love in her life, even though there was some flirting that never was confirmed to have gone beyond that in the Prime timeline. I don't get that.
It was never directly stated that she was a linguist, but being a communications officer would need training and understanding of languages. It's an easy assumption that can be made, you don't get an important post such as Chief Comm Officer on a starship without specialising in the field.

I have nothing against her having a love life, but that would be something better explored if Nu-Trek were a TV series and not just films, so that it had more time to be fleshed out and explored.
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