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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Well. That was not quite as horridly horrible as I remembered. Michael McKean really shines as The Clown, excellent acting. The big plus in this ep is that Janeway manages to accomplish in 2 minutes of blather what no one else could do in years. Of course she is not really in there so fear loses its power once it no longer has a REAL person, but still nice that it is Janeway who does the banishing.


CLOWN: What will become of us? Of me?
JANEWAY: Like all fear, you eventually vanish.
CLOWN: I'm afraid.
JANEWAY: I know.
CLOWN: Drat.

That's the end of the episode.

I feel like I'm watching some dumbass high school production.

Anyway, we all know what comes next.. TUVIX. I'm going to rewatch it. To prepare.

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