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Re: The Rest of the Cast: An Appreciation Thread

Continuing on with the appreciation, here are some photos of Walter Koenig followed by Youtube footage and a group photo that he took with surviving cast-mates at his Walk of Fame celebration:

The Original Chekov:
(And if any moderator fairy gods/goddesses could help with embedding, I'd be thankful.)

This was very nice. It was interesting to find out that he and the new Chekov actor (Anton Yelchin) have something in common. They both grew up in America as the children of Russian-Jewish parents. I still have to say that my favorite role played by Mr. Koenig would have to be Babylon 5's Bester. He was so good at being the bad guy on that series, and it was nice that J. Michael Straczynski was there to wish him well. Leonard Nimoy looked great, and he along with George Takei were wonderful with all of the praise and well-wishes that they lobbed on their friend. There seemed to be a good turn-out. Nichelle Nichols was there to congratulate her former co-star, and it looks as though Gene Roddenberry's son made an appearance as well! Very nice.

Together Again

For anyone interested, Walter is the last of the original 7 to receive his star. The list of stars in the order they appeared on the Walk of Fame are as follows: Shatner (1983), Nimoy (1985), Takei (1986), Kelley (1991), Nichols (1992), Doohan (2004), and finally Mr. Koenig (2012). Congratulations!!!
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