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For some reason, the video wouldn't play on that site. I had to track it down on another site...and it was so worth it. Charlie is awesome.

I was on the fence about Sloan. Being a long time G4 and Attack of the Show watcher, I'm more than familiar with Olivia Munn, but I wasn't sure what she would bring to the show or even that she would be able to handle Sorkin's dialog. Much to my surprise though, her character definitely shined and she's my favorite female character after Mac.
Yeah.. they've written Sloan pretty well for Olivia. She is brilliant in her field but outside she fumbles like everyone of us.. still a nerd

And Olivia plays her quite well.. i'd wish that Munn would expand her acting career because she's not bad. She's got the looks (important in Hollywood these days) and she's better that many of the so called young A listers (Kristen Stewart for example) i've seen recently.
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