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The Rest of the Cast: An Appreciation Thread

A lot of times when you hear about Star Trek's original series, and this now includes the reboot movie(s), you find yourself hearing about the "Big 2" (Kirk and Spock) or the "Big 3" (Kirk, Spock, and McCoy). These characters are iconic and wonderful, but what of the rest of the cast? I've read where people have said, even quoted official sources, that the rest of the crew are only meant to be "extensions of the ship," and they are only there to perform certain functions without adding anything else to the substance of the stories or the framework of the show (now movies).

My personal opinion is that the rest of the crew matters more than that. Without them, the series, what I saw of it, wouldn't have been what it was. You need other characters aside from a captain, first officer, and a doctor to give off the sense that the viewer is watching what could really happen on a large spaceship somewhere off in a distant future. Chekov, Uhura, Sulu, and Mr. Scott, along with many other characters, helped to make that happen. I can only hope that the reboot movies build upon this truth by giving each of these characters something of substance to do, and a place for glimpses of their own personal stories to go.

This thread has been created to appreciate and discuss the actors/characters that make up the rest of the main cast for The Original Series (TOS) and, subsequently, the new reboot movies that have and will come along.

And the last shall be first...

Pavel Andreievich Chekov: Poor dude. Even the actor that played the original character just now got his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I can understand how this character could be pushed to the side. In the 2009 film, he's the one that knows how to get Sulu and Kirk back in the transporter room safely, but when Scotty is added to the team, Chekov's chance to shine in this area is lessened. He seemed to be able to offer up smart little suggestions to Kirk and crew, but that was when Spock was in crisis mode and not getting along with the new acting captain. Now that Spock and Kirk are presumably getting along in this next film, the braininess could be left to Spock/Kirk bantering, possibly with a little bit of McCoy added in. Still, I have high hopes that the matured "boy genius" will get to shine some as the crew treks into darkness next Spring. I don't know about you, but I'd like to know a bit about his personal life. I could just see him playing Vulcan chess with Spock while having a discussion or something like that...

Nyota Uhura: Do I like Uhura, and as the only lady among a main crew comprised of a bunch of guys, I really, really hope she gets something of importance to do. I like that she's not just a communication's officer, but also a xenoliguistics specialist. That alone should give her some spotlight as they all encounter "strange new worlds." I really hope that the only focus she gets is not that of girlfriend/fiancée to Spock. I think that the original Uhura was wonderful, but also that she was limited in what she could do because of the times. Now that the times, hopefully, have changed, I don't see why her role and its importance can't be increased.

Hikaru Sulu: I think his character got off to a good start in the reboot, and I hope that carries on to this next film. I liked the way his fencing abilities were introduced and used to help save the day. Now all we need are a couple of personal touches. I do understand that these people are usually being seen on duty, but they are people, and people have lives...

Montgomery "Scotty" Scott: A good amount of time was spent with this character in the last film, and so I'd imagine that will get cut some in the next to make some room for the others. Now that we have Scotty in his rightful place on the Enterprise, it will be nice to see some of the classic (and also new) Scotty actions and interactions come into play.

So, what about you? What do you think about the rest of the crew, both past and present versions? Do you think they should each have something meaningful to do or say in the next film, or do you see them only as extensions of the ship, there only to perform certain functions in the background? It's been argued that giving everyone some focus would take away from the film(s) and the "big" characters, but I don't agree. If you do see it this way, can you please state why?

Thank you.
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